Cosmic Dance

Even if we live on the moon,
Or Pluto.
Even if we go faster than light.
Even if there’s a hundred-trillion of us,
Each with a ship to go where we like…
Even then,
Would we be worthy to say
That we’d joined the great cosmic dance?

Jul 2 , 2021

📷Drew colins, Unsplash

White Magic

The space-mage tells his apprentice, “White magic brings harmony, peace and enlightenment. All else is forbidden.”
The apprentice is young, only 10 000 years. “What about love spells?” she asks.
The space-mage laughs and laughs and laughs…

Jul 2, 2021

📷Brian Lundquist


Campers sit ‘round a plasma ball made to have the colour of fire. Adults make it safe with clumps of pyro-foam, while kids hold carbon rods, browning protein-mellows. The king of Star Ark tells a story. “Long ago, on a dark axial rotation, just like this one…”

Jul 1, 2021

Dead Roses

Old conscience
Heroes assumed.
Come lift the Earth
And reveal
Native bones
Atrocity uncovered
Dead roses
Are buried here.

Jul 1, 2021

Image: Ethan Unzicker


John came through the glowing portal with half his skull missing. His brain was exposed, a gush of red with the last throb of his heart. No. I don’t blame myself for the terrible consequence he paid for going through time.

Jun 30, 2021

Image: Jeremy Perkins, Unsplash


Words are letters, made of dots on my screen.
Life is moments, a mind in the sea.

Jun 30, 2021

Image: Harry Gui, Unsplash


Sometimes, when I listen to death metal, I wonder what Mozart would have thought. Snoop makes me think of Chopin, and Young conjures Philotas from the past. Music goes forward, and seldom in reverse – except for Judas Priest, Queen & The Beetles. They go where they want.

Jun 29, 2021

📷 ZEKERIYA SEN, Unsplash


Billy’s five and wants to know how to shave. We gaze in the mirror and he holds out his lip – the electric shaver buzzing loudly in both hands. “Have courage,” I say. “In the old days they used a razor blade.”

Jun 28, 2021

Pic: Hamid Roshaan, Unsplash

Poison Tree

Primates scream, slam themselves against cage doors. The lab is a cacophony. The scientist is mad. He leans over someone who’s strapped down, a long needle in his hand. He says, “Have the cure for Eden’s poison tree, and a monkey you will be.”

Jun 27, 2021

📷 Marek Studzinski


Ready to go on
A trip to Mars, rockets blast
Red patch on my arm

Jun 26, 2021

Pic: Christian Lischka SJ
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