The space-marines walked right past the poor dead bastard, and lined up to squeeze through the rupture they’d made. Our displays went dark moments after the last one disappeared inside the moon base. We were cut off.

Aug 2, 2021


Everything we’ve done as a species will pale in comparison to what we will accomplish in the next 100 years. Society, technology, and our natural curiosity will be interwoven in novel and exciting ways that will ignite our potential as a people.

Aug 1, 2021


The insect alien from Epsilon E looks at the chess board. “Queen to King’s Rook 3,” it says using a voice synthesizer. “Checkmate.”
Mr. Slim smiles. He sees now that the creatures won’t stop until they have complete control. There’s only one thing left to do.

Jul 31, 2021


A terrifying creature – the primordial shadow – stretches between the stars. Look to the sky, above the arm of Orion and you will see it… a place without light, a winding snake made of darkness.

Jul 30, 2021

Ain’t that a Shame

Gran was 101 when Fats played Ain’t that a Shame on the radio. She loved it & we got the record – 15 cents at a music shop. It was the last song she listened to. The wake was at the house- normal back in ’56. You know the song we listened to. Shame, she sure is missed.

Jul 29, 2021


Run prey – I’ll catch you!
Chainsaw blade cuts wood, flesh, bone.
Damn. Ran out of gas.

Jul 28, 2021

Valiant Memories

Hooves and Thorns, a revelry of skull pain. Keep it dark, no ambient sound. Tried to get up, valiant memories of health. Found a priceless land, magic of sleep & Advil.

Jul 27, 2021

Dissolving Faces

I was in my big chair, watching Raiders again. The kid comes in the room, right at the part with the dissolving faces. Kid starts screaming – he’s 2. Now it’s 4am, wife’s been with him for hours – yup, nightmares – and she’s angry at me. Blame Spielberg, babe!

Jul 27, 2021


We meditate with the yogis. The garden of the Ashram is a great gift of the Earth. One who knows Vishnu says, “Give yourself permission to experience the quiet of this place, for locked away inside of you is a portal to a higher state.”

Jul 26, 2021

📷Benn McGuinness


Bad day at the mine. Blew the horn early. Little Twitch, the jumpy kid – only 13 – he died. He took the TNT deep in the rock and got buried when it went off. They got that song about Clementine going down a mine, but young Twitch, he was a real 49er.

Jul 25, 2021

Overwhelming Grief

They came from Canis Venatici: invaders from the Milky Way’s own satellite galaxy. We defeated them, but just barely. Now, we’re stricken with overwhelming grief that only a few of us remain to pepper the stars– a burning memorial instead of an empire.

Jul 24, 2021

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