They shook hands despite their frayed nerves before the fight.

Aug 20, 2021


A million years, as many fragile lives together– you have been there, my reincarnated other. Once, we lived in a cave, and I made love to you there. And later, we did it in the court of King Louis the 7. Last time was when we were roadies for Sonny & Cher.

Aug 19, 2021


Deep in the garden
Buried under heavy dirt
Ghost comes at midnight

Aug 18, 2021

Sustained Sorrow

The eyes of the dark one are never the same. One moment they are fury, then sadness, and suddenly betrayed. But beneath all of that – and this is how you will know him – the sustained sorrow of a defeated spirit is always there, watching, waiting.

Aug 17, 2021


A young woman wipes her eyes. Everyone’s there, listening. “Aunt Zoe loved birthday candles, bonfires on the beach, house fires, forest fires. I don’t know why no one ever guessed she was a pyromaniac until…” She looks down at the urn with her aunt’s ashes inside.

Aug 16, 2021


Progress report on somatic integration of AI matrix: Inmate 2B was placed in a coma prior to cortex dissolution. Using an intracranial interface, neuronic recombination was focused on the cerebellum to empower the system with total authority over all physical processes.

Aug 15, 2021


The detective steps from the shadows, his gun out. “Get your greasy tentacles off that briefcase,” he tells the mayor. “I know about the fusion experiments, the alien signal, and the money.”
“Join us,” he hears the mayor’s voice ask in his mind.

Aug 14, 2021


Molly-Kay’s just returned from the powder room as the meal goes into its second course. A man covered in blood stumbles past the staff & dinners, shouting, “She’s not human! It’s a creature!” Molly-Kay grins, revealing fangs as the doors slam shut, trapping everyone.

Aug 13, 2021

Under UFOs

Wind blows
Grass and flowers fold
Under UFOs

Aug 13, 2021


Sam didn’t know what to expect while travelling, but it was something she had to do alone. She stayed in a hostel in Rome. The people were friendly & it was nice and clean. When she woke up in the night, everyone was standing around her, their eyes glowing.

Aug 11, 2021

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