The man in robes glares at the accused. “Admit you are a witch.” “I know you,” says the woman. “And I sentence you to death by rats, Inquisitor Diego de Zapata.” His robes begin to wriggle and squeal. “Taste what you have wrought,” says the witch as he screams.

Jul 6, 2021


When the alien ships landed, an urgent call came in on the red phone. The voice on the other end shouted, “Sir! they’re bird people!” “That’s incredible!” I answered. “Have they asked for anything?” “Yes, sir. They demand to be taken to our feeder.”

Jul 6, 2021


Father Laurie warned the congregation about using Ouija boards to channel the dead. We tried it with some friends after dinner & a whirlpool of flickering light opened over the dining room table. I pick up the phone. “Umm, hi. Father Laurie…”

Jul 6, 2021

Nazim Coskun


Dogcatchers got new powers because of all the strays. What strays? Now my Basset Hound is gone just for peeing on a tree. A guy with a uniform and dart gun walks away. Note reads, “For failure to remain compliant …”

Jul 5, 2021

📷Maximiliano Pinilla


A worm went up my wall, all the way to the ceiling. It stayed there for days, then, above my head, over my bed, a crysalis formed. A while later, a moth appeared – it fluttered around, then flew toward the flame of my lamp… and poof! It was ashes.

Jul 5, 2021

📷Ritabrata Das

Redneck Rave

The county acts like all them folks is out there in that field, just having some kind of hippy redneck rave. But that ain’t what they’re up to. You got to understand! Them people is witches. They’re doing rituals, dancing naked for their demon God.

Jul 4, 2021

📷Megan McClain

Atari 2600

My buddies climbed trees and played baseball, but not me. 1983, Atari 2600, Air Sea Battle, and a big old woody TV.

Jul 4, 2021



Long day driving. Hotel at last. Put my head on the pillow. Wife says, “Hang on a sec.” She turns off the lamp and pulls out a blacklight. “Look,” she warns me. “They haven’t changed the sheets in ages.”

Jul 4, 2021

Pic: Tyler Amato

Screaming Echoes

They say there’s a monster in the lake. I never believed it till one morning when old man Neville went fishing with his son. I heard their screaming echoes from the beach, watched a tentacle drag their craft under.

Jul 3, 2021

📷Julia Kadel

Heaven and Hell

It was cardiac arrhythmia. Nothing uncertain about it. I’m dead & I was no angel – especially in love and romance. Whoever decides about heaven and hell is generous. I’m walking and there’s a light ahead.

Jul 3, 2021

Image: Markus Gjengaar, Unsplash
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