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A New Story is Coming!

A few years ago, as I was beginning work on my next project, PG Patey and I travelled to Sudbury, Ontario, to do some research. I’d made a fortunate connection with an experienced miner and safety technician who agreed to take us down into Vale mine for a tour. This was a tremendous opportunity, even if the idea of descending two kilometers underground with a complete stranger was more than a little daunting. But we did it. We went into the Earth, the unknown, and the dark. We did it for science. We did it for art and literature. But more than anything, dear reader… we did it for you.


Let me ask you something…

What would happen if the world ended in the near future – a few decades after we put boots back on the moon? Would humanity have a strong enough foothold to reboot itself? What would those first days look like? Would there be a power struggle? How could we survive if everything – ever – was gone? Questions like these keep me awake at night – so, after endless, obsessive, and anxious speculation, I’ll be publishing ATLAS ARCH in the early part of 2022. If surviving the apocalypse from the comfort of a moon base sounds better than a day at the beach, seal the airlock and strap in! We’re going for a ride.

A special thanks to Ken Tellier for being our guide into the underworld. The future needs more people like you!